Character Education Program


    Promoting Character Education
              Soaring Eagles of the Month

    Monthly Character Education Traits


    The Student of the Month program promotes character education by encouraging and recognizing good citizenship, respectful attitudes, kindness to others, and academic and behavioral improvements.  Peers and/or teachers nominate students monthly. These selected students will receive a Student of the Month Breakfast for them and their parents during the first Friday of each month. Each teacher is given a form to write why the student was selected and this is read to the audience by Mrs. McKinney with the Student of the Month by her side. The child then receives a certificate and a pencil from Mrs. Jarman and their picture is taken and placed on the Soaring Eagle of the Month bulletin board.  Also, a group picture is placed on the school’s website each month.


    The following are some reasons our students at Moss Street Elementary have been selected as Soaring Eagle of the Month:  

    v     …well-mannered, courteous, cooperative

    v     …respectful and kind to others

    v     …eager to help others

    v     …example for others to follow

    v     …works hard, polite, pleasant

    v     …extremely motivated, takes pride in completing work

    v     …follows classroom rules

    v     …respectful, curious, cheerful

    v     …works hard and strives to do his best

    v     …gives her best effort and always kind to others


    The common thread is that all accomplishments recognize the work students do to improve themselves and show good character.

    September – Responsibility

    October – Respect


    November – Good Citizenship


    December – Caring/Kindness


    January – Determination/Courage


    February – Self- Discipline


    March – Perseverance


    April – Trustworthy


    May/June – Celebrating of ALL character traits
    September's - Soaring Eagles of the Month
    October's - Soaring Eagles of the Month   
    November - Soaring Eagles of the Month   
    December- Soaring Eagles of the Month   
    January- Soaring Eagles of the Month   
    February - Soaring Eagles of the Month

     March - Soaring Eagles of the Month
    April - Soaring Eagles of the Month