Welcome to my teacher web-page. I teach 7th and 8th Grade Language Arts/English (I like to call it 'communication skills') at Holmes Middle School in Eden, North Carolina. The 2011-12 year is my thirteenth at HMS and my fourth working with 7th Graders. My first six years were spent teaching 8th Grade, followed by three years teaching 6th Grade English. I have worked with 'regular', ESL, EC, and AIG students during this time and consider educating children my calling.

Parents often wonder what education, life experiences, employment history, and so forth their child's teacher brings to the plate. Unlike many of my peers, my whole life, training, and education has not been in education. I have worked in numerous fields and believe that this gives me a 'leg up' when it comes to teaching children in a way that anticipates future employment. I've been there.

I was born in 1959 and graduated from a Potsdam College of Arts & Sciences (SUNY Potsdam) in Upstate New York in 1982, with a degree in English and a minor in Visual Arts. Following graduation, I served eight years in the United States Navy conducting translation and intelligence work in Asia and at the National Security Agency (NSA). I received intensive and classified training and certifications in Cryptology, Korean language, was qualified to do data collection on submarines and P-3 & A-3 aircraft duty platforms, and lived and worked in four countries and eight states during my years of service. Upon returning to civilian life in 1990, I worked during the next eight years as a commercial artist in Boston, a Printing Supervisor for PlastiCan in Leominster, MA, a book-seller in Worcester, MA, and as a vocational curriculum developer for adults with autism and/or severe mental retardation. Between 1991-1993, I completed 20 credits of graduate study in Multicultural Literature and Clinical Special Education. My wife and I moved to NC in 1998 to be nearer family and I began teaching here at HMS. I was hired as a Special Education teacher, then switched over to the English Department two days before the kids showed up that first year. My daughter was born on that first day of school and I missed my first day on the job! Imagine that.

Children are our future and I am doing my best to ensure that our North Carolinian slice of America has a fighting chance in today's difficult world economy. With your parental involvement, this is even more likely.

If you need to contact me, use my school email address: bhart@rock.k12.nc.us   I check email often during the day and you should usually get a response within one work day.

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