Counseling Services and School Wide Activities

I facilitate school-wide activities to promote positive attitudes and relations among students and faculty. You will see me around school promoting Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) and lots of other fun activities.  I assist the educational team in developing plans to help students succeed and groups are offered to students to learn how to cope with issues such as: parent separation/divorce, bullying, friendship, and grief/loss. I also spend time in classrooms helping students as they learn and some students who need to discuss more in depth or personal issues can meet with me individually.  Relief for faculty will be offered in ways such as: fitness programs and initiatives, team building exercises, and training on issues affecting classroom dynamics.

Reasons a student may see the school counselor: Student having difficutly adjusting to a family change (moving, divorce, loss of a loved one, etc.); not making friends or not "fitting in" with peers at school; excessive anxiety or worry; or any other concern that affects the student's ability to be successful in school.

How does a student get to see the counselor?  Parents or teachers may ask me directly or via the form below to request a meeting with the student; Students may ask me directly or fill out a form located in the Counseling Center to request a meeting.  Some students may be referred by administration or other staff members.

Will a student's meeting with the counselor be shared with anyone?  Trust and respect is the main focus of all my meetings with a student.  To protect the student's privacy, I will NOT share any information with anyone outside of our meetings.  I want students to feel they can share anything that is bothering them in a safe and comfortable way.  When appropriate, I do encourage students to share information with parents because I know they are concerned as well.  If a student shares information with me that I feel is a safety concern, I WILL share that information with parents or outside resources in order to keep the student and family safe.

We NEED your help too!  If YOU would like to volunteer or offer any support to our students and families, please fill out a request for by clicking HERE.  THANK YOU!!!

Counseling services and other reasons for referring a student are listed below with links to access various services:
  • PBIS
  • Character of the Month
  • Classroom Counseling Lessons
  • Bully Busters
  • Career Development
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Character Education
School Clubs
Social activities provide a positive way for students, parents, and faculty to interact and build strong relationships. This year, we are offering Zumba fitness to our staff...hopefully we will be able to start a club just for students in the fall!
  • The Stallions: Students will have an opportunity to work with me to improve physical fitness and have a healthy lifestyle.  We'll have fun with Zumba exercise and learn ways to relax, eat healthy, and strengthen our brain power!
  • Pride P.A.C.K.: Students will have an opportunity to work together to Promote Acceptance, Compassion, and Kindness (P.A.C.K.)  We will promote school wide activities and programs to help everyone at Monroeton feel a part of our school family and have a safe and happy place to learn and grow!
  • Lunch Bunch: A select group of students will work together to build a strong school community and supportive place to learn.  We will eat lunch together while discussing creative ways to help one another be the best we can be!
Support & Outreach
Support for students and families is offered with the help of community volunteers and generous donations.
  • Outreach Snack Pack Program: Thanks to local churches and private donations, we are able to offer struggling families the opportunity to receive weekly snacks for students to eat over the weekends!
  • Holiday Assistance & Support: With the help of private donations, The Salvation Army, local churches, and Toys for Tots, we are fortunate enough to help some of our families with supplies for the holidays and yearlong needs.
Please click HERE to request assistance or refer a family for outreach & support services!

Individual Counseling
Students may want to visit the school counselor for a variety of reasons. I am here to help with emotional, social, and academic concerns of all students, but some may need to see me individually. If a student is struggling with any of these areas and having difficulty at school or with friends, I may be able to help!

Small Group Counseling
Counseling groups offer support and learning for students on a variety of topics! Peers work together to acknowledge our strengths and help one another grow!  By working together, we can become better listeners, friends, and productive citizens.
  • Rootbeer Floats: A select group of students work with the school counselor to create personal goals (academic or social) and work toward earning a monthly rootbeer float party! This group is by referral and/or invitation and with parent permission only.
  • Anger Management:
  • Anxiety:
  • Divorce:
  • Making (and Keeping) Friends:
  • Self-Esteem:
  • Grief:
  • Social Skills:

If you feel a student would benefit from seeing the school counselor, please click HERE to submit a referral.