Sociology Semester Project

posted Dec 11, 2012, 6:51 AM by Sarah Littrell   [ updated Dec 16, 2013, 9:05 AM ]

Sociology Semester Project

1.  Compile all of the following topics into your Sociology Website.  You need to complete your portfolio.

    a.  March on Washington document

    b.  Chapter 1 

            1.  terms

            2.  Founders chart

            3.  Founders game (check this link)

            4.  Selfies or School First Day

    c.  Chapter 4

            1.  Socialization mad libs

            2.  Socialization notes/definitions

            3.  Castaway webpage

            4.  Socialization Review presentation

    d. Cults project

    e.  Chapter 15 or 10

        1.  Terms

        2. Survey

        3.  Survey results and presentation

    f. League of Their Own project

    g. Chapter 3:  Family Traditions project

    h.  Rwanda Genocide project (stipple)

    g. 42 Project Webpage (click here for site)

    h. Chapter 5 and 8 project

    i.  Chapter 7 or 9 project

2.  You must add backgrounds, images, add, and design the website.

3.  Requirements

     a.  On the Homepage:

        1. Record a "welcome to my portfolio website" 

        2. What you learned in class

        3.  Add your name at the top, your email and your grade level

        4.  Use cooltext to enhance your page and other things to make it look professional.

    b.  Other pages:

        1.  Heading on each page


4.  Turn in on Forms page.

5.  Due the day of the final at the end of the period.