School Social Worker
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Prevention is comprised of many organizations and activities:
  • Joint Alliance for Wellness in our School (JAWS)
    This is an adult and youth partnership, working closely with the community and promoting activities that positively reflect a drug-free choice of our students. 
  • Big Buddy Program
    High School students are paired with Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School students; they meet once a month to mentor these students
  • Student Assistance Program
    Team comprised of Student Services staff and faculty to identify at-risk students and provide them with support
  • Red Ribbon Week
    Held in October, this yearly event promotes alcohol-free and drug-free lifestyles; many events take place during this one week celebration.
  • After Prom
    This fun-filled night of activities is held "after prom" at the Rochester Athletic Center and provides an alcohol-free and safe environment for students to celebrate.
  • Suicide Prevention Information