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Math Presentation Project

You can use Windows Movie maker, PowerPoint, Google Presentation, Prezi, Picasa Movie Maker (It is also part of the google apps), or some other program to get across your ideas

Find five to six pictures for your presentation. At least one picture needs to be one that you have taken with a camera. You can use  
You will need to explain the geometry terms that go with each picture that you include.

For Picasa:
Open Picasa 3
The program will scan the computer for images. Choose a folder that includes the pictures you just saved. In most cases, the folder is called downloads.
Click Create>Movie>From Selection
We will work on the steps in class. You can look at this tutorial.
or this video

Define the terms on the following document, you may work with a partner.

Math terms.rtfMath terms.rtf
Size : 136.016 Kb 
Type : rtf

Math Mate Glossary.pdfMath Mate Glossary.pdf
Size : 0.633 Kb 
Type : pdf

Hard to find definitions:

Similar triangles- Triangles are similar if their corresponding (matching) angles are equal and the ratio of their corresponding sides are in proportion.

compute- solve, calculate: choose operation, complete work

comparison-are the terms equal? compare two sides of an equation

conclusion- result, the answer

Once you are finished:

Math Presentation checklist

___Choose ten terms to use in a presentation

 ___Title slide with name

___original drawings on each slide or photographs that you have taken

___accurate math definitions

___background design



Geometric Math Terms.rtf
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