hey gals!

hi this is the glitter girls and this website is all about songs and how you glam it up first this is the site just for three people called bessie madison and last but not least ayeera. this is the story how we made this web. first ayeera and bessie were best freinds but a little girl came along to the school.and that was maddison.  and then all of us played together but then madison said i like bessie the most and that made me qiet sad.so i left the freindship. and then madison played with bessie for a long time. and then after all a long time me and bessie dident like each other. and i played a bit with them and i got uesto it. so we start playing topgether and it will be forever. and madison said lets make a site and it will be named  glitter girls. nice little freindship story ha and its was realy realy true hope you enjoyed bye.