Minority  Achievement Program
The goal of the Minority  Achievement Program (MMAP) at Robeson Community College is to create an environment of success for minority  students leading to program completion/graduation and rewarding employment.  


This has been a difficult process nationwide, as we continue to see a decline in our minorities completing college programs.  With the recent shift in our economy from factory to service jobs, our communities have been devastated with unemployment. Our workforce must be trained and prepared for a different work force.  Education is key in this transition. 


Many of our minority whether it be African American, Native American or Hispanic Americans are first generation college students. This means that many of them lack guidance and resources that are needed for them to be successful in college.  This program will assist these males as they endeavor to complete their college programs and enter the paid labor force. Often our minority students simply need access to someone with a wealth of knowledge to draw upon as they pursue their educational goals.



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