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Advising Central is a collection of information and resources for students. Feel free to refer students to that website.

See attachments below related to registration and advising.
Students should make an attempt at roughing out their schedules because they are most familiar with their own time conflicts and transportation issues. Refer them to the schedule/worksheet below.


1-Your Colleague (formerly known as Datatel) account. (You can log in from your Internet Explorer favorites or the MY RCC Portal)

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3-RCC Catalogs

4-Program Requirement  
Historical Checklists 2006-07 thru 2012-13
Recommended: Follow the Workflow document on the Forms page.  (See tab at left.)  If you have the luxury, work in teams with one person responsible for steps 1-4 and another person doing the actual registration.  Remember, using EVAL will do most of the work for you!

Always work from a recently printed EVAL.  Never register a student for, or propose a course that is not delineated on the EVAL. 

GOOGLE APPS STARTUP PAGE For those of you participating in Google Apps at RCC.