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Holkham Hall
from Wikipedia article about Holkham Hall
    The beautiful mansion of Thomas William Coke (1754-1842), where Robert Ball Hughes had a professional residence in 1827. Thomas William Coke was a Member of Parliament and supporter of the colonists in the American Revolutionary War before becoming the 1st Earl of Leicester (pronounced LESS-tur)
    According to a biographical sketch, published in 1843 and recorded in Good Old Dorchester by William Dana Orcutt. Cambridge: John Wilson & Son, UP, 1893, pp. 379-389:
During a professional residence in the beautiful mansion of the late Earl of Leicester, he [Ball Hughes] met several American gentlemen, who so interested him in their descriptions of our great republic as to decide him, shortly after his marriage (1829) [sic], to visit us.” 

Eliza Ball Hughes describes the same event in the first installment of The Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes at The Early Years: 1804-1829.

    The Coke family still lives at Holkham and it's beautifully maintained. You must visit the website to see it! View the Holkham Video Presentation.

    Several motion pictures have been filmed at Holkham.  The 2008 BBC production, The Duchess, was partly filmed at Holkham. It depicts events surrounding Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, that occurred about 40 years before Ball Hughes visited Holkham.

    There are several movie trailers at TheDuchessMovie.com. I watched the movie and the Marble Hall was used for a fancy ball and many of the rooms were used in place of Devonshire House. Holkham has a page devoted to The Duchess. The Duchess (2008) is available on DVD from Amazon.com.

    Holkham is quite a contrast to Ball Hughes rustic studio behind the Willey House  in Crawford Notch, about 23 miles northwest of the village of North Conway, NH, in the White Mountains.

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