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Duke of Sussex

     Portrait of Prince Augustus Frederick 1793
The Duke of Sussex
Oil on Canvas by Louis Gauffier (1761-1801)

    The Duke of Sussex (1773-1843) was elected president of the Society of Arts in 1816 and held that post for the rest of his life. Robert Ball Hughes won a silver medal from the Society of Arts and Sciences for a copy of the Barbarini Faun in 1820.
    Ball Hughes exhibited busts of H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex (sixth son of George III) and the Duke of Wellington at the Royal Academy in 1826.
"The Duke of Sussex was President of the Society of Arts and Sciences – and felt great interest in the young Sculptor – And it was through his influence that Mr. Hughes had the honor of making a bust of his brother George the 4th and also of another brother the Duke of Cambridge."
    The Duke of Sussex gave Robert Ball Hughes a silver snuff box.    
    According to Eliza Ball Hughes in Sketch of the Life of Robert Ball Hughes, pp. 13-14, the group of Uncle Toby and the Widow Wadman “was destin’d for the Duke of Sussex who had given him the order to make it at his leisure."

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