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Frederick Walter Brown

    Frederick Walter Brown (1855-1935) and his brother, George Edward Brown (1857-1933) , were the sons of Benjamin Franklin Brown (1828-1908) of Cambridge, MA and his wife, Augusta Ball (Hughes) Brown (1832-1914), daughter of Robert and Eliza Ball Hughes. Frederick Walter had two sons, Frederick Rudolf Brown (1882-1952) and  Henry (Harry) Abbot Brown (1884-1935).
    Frederick had an extensive memorabilia collection described in an article entitled An Interesting Hobby in the magazine Cape Cod and All the Pilgrim Land, Hyannis, Mass: Cape Cod Publishing Co., June 1921, pp. 17-23.  One item in his collection was a large cut-glass wine goblet used by Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson (1758-1805) on his flag-ship "Victory."  It was given to Mrs. Elizabeth Ball Hughes father, David Wright, an (apparently high-ranking) English army officer at the time, as a souvenir and passed down through the family to Frederick Walter Brown.  The current location is unknown.
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