Mission Statement:To lessen or prevent the effects of disasters and emergencies on the lives and property of the people of Roane County through leadership, response,  and, coordination.

The RCOES EMS Division is currently seeking a Full time Critical Care Paramedic. We are also seeking Full & Part time AEMT'S  & Paramedics.

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Roane County Office of Emergency Services

 The Office of Emergency Services was created in 2008 when the Roane County Commission created the Roane County Fire Department and merged it with the existing Office of Emergency Management. Additional change came in 2011 when the Roane County Emergency Medical Service was added to the Office of Emergency Services. The Roane County Office of Emergency Services is the umbrella organization that manages and administrates each of its core divisions. We work extensively with all  emergency agencies in Roane County providing response, training, exercise development/delivery, emergency planning, development and coordinating response procedures, and dealing with recovery and mitigation programs and funding. In addition, OES responds to and helps coordinate operations of departments and agencies during emergencies, which occur with some frequency. These response efforts include dealing with the public and the media, allowing other departments to continue their response operations more effectively within their area of expertise; serving as liaison to state and federal agencies, local agencies and a variety of public utilities; managing the Emergency Operation Center (EOC); and supporting communication and cooperation between response agencies.

The purpose of this website is to provide valuable emergency, disaster, and public education information to the general public and emergency responders. It is the goal of the Office of Emergency Services to provide the people of Roane County with the information necessary to make informed and safe decisions should an incident occur.


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