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Simple Nurse Sourcing

Have a steady stream of passive candidates who meet or exceed your requirements with Simple Nurse Sourcing by RN Talent Finders.  
What is it?  Cold calling service to passive candidates - marketing your organization and qualifying the candidate.  When we find a match, we have the candidate apply on your ATS, we forward you a summary for your records, and your internal recruiting team takes it from there.  

Why use this service?  To save your organization time and money.  You know you're using Travelers' to fill the void, and you're staffing budget is shot.  We help you get your staffing aligned to your budget, without breaking the bank.

What does this cost?  We only charge for the candidates we send your way, and who apply directly on your ATS.  You can start and stop the service at any time. The cost is only 1K per accepted referred candidate (they meet your minimum requirements).  It's the best way to keep a steady stream of passive candidates coming your way at a nominal spend.

How to get started?  Complete the brief registration below.  A member of Client Services will call you to get a list of your requirements, and discuss next steps.

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