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Our Process

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We conduct all searches utilizing the proven and well-defined process, designed to create quality business relationships while delivering the best possible outcomes.  Our 15-point method search process is as follows: 
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1.  Conduct a Comprehensive Needs Analysis.
a.  Discuss needs and current challenges.
b.  Understand the compensation package, and assess whether it's competitive in the market.
c.  Identify target facilities and candidates.
d.  Come to terms on an efficient and effective hiring process.
e.  Mutually understand expectations and critical success factors for the position(s).
2.  Create and identify the unique selling proposition of working for your company and in this opportunity - strategize on the most effective way to deliver this message to prospective candidates.
3.  Agree on the terms and parameters of the search.
4.  Conduct research to create a recruitment marketing plan for presentation and discussion with the client.
5.  Commencement of the Candidate Sourcing Process.
a.  Develop and prepare the candidate presentation.
b.  Cold call target companies and identify potential candidates performing similar job responsibilities.
c.  Uncover passive candidates that are not actively looking or even considering a job change.
d.  Engage candidates and develop relationships to gain trust
e.  Conduct In-depth candidate video interviews.  Understand candidate’s background, accomplishments, personality, motivation for change, and goals for their career.
f.  Assess if background is qualified for the job, and more importantly if personality is a cultural fit with the client company and hiring manager.
G.  If candidate is a good fit for the position, confirm their interest in exploring. Align the opportunity as a way to help them achieve their goals, as well as how it alleviates what they are unsatisfied with in their current position. 
6.  Present qualified candidates to the client, providing honest and objective feedback based on information obtained.
7.  Conduct candidate preparation sessions.
8.  Brief the client on each candidate who will be interviewing.  Provide access to the candidate's video interview to determine whether they are a potential fit.
9.  Debrief candidate after each interview; discover likes, concerns, other opportunities they are considering, & where this ranks on their list.
10.  Debrief client after each interview & share candidate feedback.
11.  Conduct in-depth reference checks, including license verifications.
12.  Make the verbal offer to the candidate.
13.  Verify acceptance of the written offer.
14.  Follow-up with candidate to ensure they turn in their resignation with their current employer. 
a.  Obtain on-boarding information from the client, and support the candidate to ensure all items are completed on a timely basis.
b.  Offer free relocation assistance, if needed.
Post-project analysis: 
a.  What went right with the search?
b.  What went wrong with the search?  What is the perception of client in the market?
c.  Provide solutions to improve client’s ability to attract talent. 

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