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Candidate Checklist

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Working with RN Talent Finders is every nurses' insurance they are choosing the right job for the right reasons.  Leveraging an agency is very different than working directly with an employer.  To ensure our team can provide you with the highest level of service, here is a checklist we've created so you'll always know what to expect throughout the entire process.

a.  Remove your resume from any job boards.
b.  Do not apply to any jobs on the internet or directly through an employer, unless directed to by RN Talent Finders.
c.  Notify RN Talent Finders if you begin interviewing or accept a job with any employer, so we may stop our efforts.

Candidate Checklist
1.  Submit your resume to RN Talent Finders.
2.  A recruiter will reach out within 24 hours to set up a phone interview.
3.  Complete your phone interview.
4.  Submit your references to us.
5.  In as early as 24 hours, we begin contacting you with matching opportunities.  You evaluate the opportunities, and advise us your availability for phone interviews with the Clients.
6.  Your recruiter will conduct a 60 - 90 minute interview preparation call with you, to ensure you are well prepared to speak and meet with potential employers.
7.  Conduct all scheduled phone interviews.
8.  As required, complete any on-site or video interviews.
9.  We receive offers on your behalf, compare them to your current compensation package, and discuss the offer with you.
10.  We reach out to the Client, and negotiate the offer on your behalf, to ensure you are receiving the best possible package.
11.  Once the details of the offer are worked out and you have accepted the offer, we contact the Client to advise them accordingly, and to determine your start date/next steps.
12.  If you are relocating to a new area, we work with you to ensure you have additional information about the area you are moving to, and assist you in any way possible with any arrangements.
13.  We will follow up with you after your first day to ensure you are comfortable and happy in your new job.

Stay Informed!

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