Mr. Francescutti's Page

A few of my favorite books!
Oh, just some stuff about me...

Teaching is both my profession and my passion. I am always striving to be a better educator and learner. I don't always retain everything I learn, but I love to learn and experience new ideas and opportunities.

I love running. It's my escape and my piece/peace of mind. 
See you at the Sudbury Road Race!

I am originally from Wilson, New York.
(Just outside of Niagara Falls/Buffalo)

I love to grow vegetables and eat locally. I aspire to have my own farm and live off the grid. 

I am a quiet sports fanatic. My favorite sports are soccer and hockey. I grew up watching the Buffalo Bills (14 years of playoff futility) and the Buffalo Sabres. I like following American soccer players who are playing abroad.

  Go Sabres!   

I lived in Japan and taught in the rural public schools of Anan town in Nagano prefecture for nearly four years. Nagano is one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

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in the silent movie
a bird I think extinct
is singing

I'm looking forward to another great year with my new fourth, fifth and sixth grade class!