People of Sudbury

Hello, do you want to know about the wonders of Sudbury? Well if you do, then listen up. We have been studying the people of Sudbury, Vermont. Let me tell you that there are some wonders in Sudbury that are marvelous. It’s the people that make this such a cool place to be in.

A Lot of famous people came to Sudbury in the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s to visit the Hyde Manor. When famous people came to Sudbury, it brought a lot of attention to the town of Sudbury and the Hyde Manor. The New York Times published weekly reports on what was happening in Sudbury at one time. One famous person who came to Hyde Manor was Henry Ford! Wow!

Fore! Robert Sargent was a famous golfer who won the U.S. Open and set a record in that tournament, that has since been broken. Robert Sargent was a golf club pro at the Hyde Manor.  In the years when he was working there, he entered the U.S. Open and won.  Later in his life he won more golf tournaments and became the PGA President.


We’ve had some very cool people come to Sudbury, but there are a lot of interesting people who live in Sudbury. We have interviewed residents that have told us about the Hyde Manor and about working there. Some families have lived in Sudbury for over 200 years, including the Ketchum, Griffin, and the Russell families. Other families, such as the Hyde and Burr families have had a big impact on the town. Of the kids that lived here and went to school here, some of them have moved on and others have stayed.

I hope you learned some new facts about people in Sudbury Vermont. As you can see, Sudbury is full of wonderful people, including you! If you know of any other interesting people that can help us learn more about Sudbury, please let us know.

By: Charles Noble & Naya Sanborn