Town Meeting House

Students in Mrs. Desabrais' class have been researching Sudbury Town Meeting House too. They've learned a lot of cool and interesting facts about the changes the meeting house has undergone over the years and the multiple functions it has played.. Team 4/5/6 took some time to interview their younger peers and see what they had learned in their research. Here are some snippets of what they had to say. 

From the 2/3 Class:

The Town Meeting House was built by Mr. Charles G. Stewart for the Congregational Church Society in 1803. The church gave the bottom floor of the church to the town of Sudbury to use for meetings and town business known as the Audience room.

There used to be a larger steeple but they took it down because they were worried it would fall on the roof of the building. They used rope and oxen to pull it down.

In 1905, the town used tax money to hang a bell in the bell tower.  The Honor Roll is placed on the building that shows the names of the men from Sudbury that fought in World War II. In 1957, the Sudbury Congregational Church celebrated its Sesquicentennial year. The building is still used today for church services and weddings and the lower part is used for meetings and gatherings.

Town Meeting House by CN

Sudbury is old, but we are still on Earth.

The hall is old older than me and I am 12 (lol)

We have had cookouts, meeting, and voting, but the best has been church Sunday school.  

I was a lion...

I went Rhaa!

The history is there and the memories.

I'm new.

Nahum, Evan, Shan, Naya and Eli too.

Walk through Sudbury.

Why don't you look around?

What do you see?

Well nothing really...

but there’s history everywhere!

Look around. It’s all around you.

Even the people.

History is everywhere!

Cinquain Poems by SW

town hall
historic huge

plays meeting voting

sad proud confused magical


town hall

famous godly

cookouts gatherings entertainment

clean closer to God


Sudbury Town Meeting House by EK

Sudbury is a wonderful place to live.

Under the bright blue sky sits a meeting house.

Do you like the town hall?


Unknown secrets to others.

Rutland County’s gem.

Ya’ll wanna come down and see it now!