Hyde Manor

Students in Mrs. Desabrais' class have been researching Hyde Manor and its history this year. They've learned a lot of cool and interesting facts about the current state of the manor and what it was like to be there during it's glory days. Team 4/5/6 took some time to interview their younger peers and see what they had learned in their research. Here are some snippets of what they had to say. 

From the 2/3 Class:

Hyde Manor was built in 1798 it was originally a tavern. Pitt Hyde bought the building and turned it into Hyde Manor. Hyde Manor was a destination for families from the city looking to relax in the country.  Hyde Manor was very popular, at times having over 300 guests. Part of the building burnt down in 1944 but it was rebuilt.  

Hyde Manor offered many different activities for the guests such as bowling, golfing, swimming, walking and going to church.  In 1909, they had to move the golf course because of the big hill that made golfing harder. They moved the course across the road.

Many older Sudbury citizens and relatives used to work or go there for fun.  We all wish it was rebuilt and we could visit the inside!
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yde Manor by Nahum S.

Hyde Manor, the Famous Hotel of Sudbury
You better come to the beautiful and massive Hyde Manor.
Don’t waste your Holiday Vacation... go check out the ski lift and golf course.
Even the great Henry Ford, the creator of Ford automobiles stays here!

Make sure to stay at Hyde Manor to help us make us more money!
A board it cracked and needs to be fixed!
No! “Paint it gray, let it hang!”
Oh no, Hyde Manor is closing!
Right now almost everyone in Sudbury would like to work there.

Hyde Manor by Naya S.

Hyde manor is so enormous.

Yellow all over inside like sunshine

Decided to leave the manor...

Everything turns gray.

Many people visited and came from all over the place

Ate awesome desserts and rested.

Naya’s uncle worked there for a few years.

Old manor has been sitting there quietly for many years.

Rode horses and had a 200 horse barn.

Hyde Manor Cinquain by SW

fun fancy

slept in fancy eating

Hyde mansion

Hyde Manor Rap by ET

Hyde Manor is a wonderful place.

A famous golfer lived there…

… his name was Robert Sargent.

He was from Britain.

Oh yeah!

And Ted Russell!

He worked there when he was 11.

He had to put coal in the fire... it’s true.

Now it’s old and beat up and the walls are falling down.

But it still has history to us and I hope it does for you too.