Vail House

Sudbury is a wonderful place! We may be small, but we have a lot of wonders for you! I am going to tell you about Sudbury and one of its wonders. The Vail House is truly a wonder of our town.

The Vail House is an amazing place! It’s a wonder of Sudbury because it is one of the oldest houses in Sudbury. It is 187 years old and was built in 1826 by Barnard Ketcham, who is the son of Thomas Ketcham, one of the first settlers in Sudbury. It’s in very good condition considering how old it is and it used to have 1,800 acres that went through Whiting and Orwell. It is now called the Vail House because one of Barnard Ketchams daughters married a Vail so the building became the Vail House.

It's also a wonder of Sudbury because the Ketcham family built the house. It is important that the Ketcham family built the house because the Ketcham family has a lot of history in Sudbury. They were one of the first families to settle in Sudbury. They have been in Sudbury for over 200 years. I wonder how many generations of people have lived in this house?

It is a very cool place and it even has caves near it. The caves are south of the building and in the cave they found some cool things. For example they found some indian artifacts. It is really cool that even though we live in a small town there are some historic artifacts here. The caves are...

It has a lot of important history in Sudbury, all lot of things have happened here and there have been artifacts found near the Vail House. That is why the Vail House is definitely a wonder of Sudbury!

By: Nahum Sgorbati