Otter Valley Unified Union Board
Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm at the Otter Valley UHS Library. 
All meeting dates are subject to change due to school vacations, special called meetings, and holidays.  
(See School Board Monthly Meeting Schedule on School Boards page for details.)

The School Board would like to hear from you.  Please click here to share your thoughts, questions and concerns.

School Board Members:
  • Barbara (Bonnie) Bourne (Pittsford) 2018 - Chair
  • Laurie Bertrand (Sudbury) 2019 - Vice Chair
  • Lisa Kenyon (Brandon) 2019 - Clerk, RNESU Board, Teacher Negotiations, Para/Bus Negotiations
  • Debra Boyce (Brandon) 2018 - Para/Bus Negotiations
  • Richard White (Brandon) 2020 - RNESU Board
  • Martin Fjeld (Goshen) 2018
  • Angela Ouellette (Leicester) 2020
  • Susan Markowski (Pittsford) 2019- Para/Bus Negotiations
  • Rebecca Bertrand (Whiting) 2018 - RNESU Board, Teacher Negotiations, Para/Bus Negotiations
  • Emily Nelson (At-Large) 2020 
  • Matt Philo (At-Large) 2020
  • Greg Bernhardt (At-Large) 2018
  • Barbara Ebling (At-Large) 2019
  •  * Ian Ouellette - Student Rep
  •  * Livia Bernhardt - Student Rep
Student Achievement
(1st Tues. at 6 pm - RNE Conf. Rm.)
Lisa Kenyon, Chair
Barbara Ebling, Clerk
Bonnie Bourne
Debbie Boyce
Emily Nelson
Finance, Buildings, & Grounds
(1st Wed. at 5:30 pm - OV Conf. Rm.)  
Richard White, Chair
Laurie Bertrand, Clerk
Angella Ouellette
Matt Philo
 Policy and Advocacy
(2nd Wed. at 6 pm - RNE Conf. Rm.)
Greg Bernhardt, Chair
Becky Bertrand, Clerk
Martin Fjeld
Sue Markowski