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What is Act 46? What does it mean for RNESU? 
Act 46 of 2015 is an opportunity for districts and supervisory unions to look at how we govern our schools with the lens of creating a single governance structure to develop sustainable systems of education delivery designed to meet identified State goals, while recognizing and reflecting local priorities. 

Act 46 of 2015 creates a multi-year process that provides three phases of incentives for communities that voluntarily merge into the most common governance models. There are three incentivized phases of Voluntary Mergers: Accelerated Mergers (Phase 1); REDs or RED variations which are potential Alternative Structures (Phase 2); and Conventional Mergers (Phase 3)

Districts that do not pursue or achieve a voluntary merger must evaluate their ability to meet or exceed State goals and make proposals to the State Board. In 2018 the Secretary will develop a proposal and the State Board will issue a final statewide design that realigns unmerged districts into more sustainable models of governance that meet State goals - to the extent realignment is necessary, possible, and practicable for the region. 

Follow along with our study committee as we work to develop a governance model that works for our eight towns. 

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RNESU serves the towns of Leciester, Whiting, Sudbury, Brandon, Goshen, Pittsford, Mendon and Chittenden 
with two preschool programs, six elementary schools and a high school.