Dec 5: Schools are open today; however the roads are quite slick. If your child is not already on a bus, please know that we are driving very slowly and your bus may be very late. With the timing of the storm and the slickness of the road, we are slowing down to give the road crews time to get salt down on the roads so we can travel safely.

2016 RNESU Celebration of Contribution Honorees:

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RNESU serves the towns of Leciester, Whiting, Sudbury, Brandon, Goshen, Pittsford, Mendon and Chittenden 
with five preschool programs, six elementary schools and one middle/high school.      



Each year, RNESU principals and schools identify a teacher and/or support staff member who embody the tenets of the RNESU compact in their work with students or in the school community. Here is a link for this year's celebrated faculty and staff,

RNESU boards are negotiating employee contracts with paras and bus drivers and will commence this fall with teachers.  Negotiation sessions are public and are warned publicly when they occur.   Follow the process here:



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