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Cyberbully Someone who writes hurtful things, to make others look stupid or feel badly about themselves. 
Digital citizen Someone who acts respectfully and responsibly online. 
Digital Piracy Downloading games, movies, music without permission of the owner. 
Diss To show disrespect or to lack respect for someone. 
Flame To attack someone with mean words online because you don't agree on something. 
Flame war When two or more people are hostile to each other online and use angry words to diss each other. 
Hack To break into a computer without permission. 
Level Up When a player has earned enough experience points to acquire a new level of skill. Often it is accompanied by the ability to influence others, access new places, or begin new missions. 
Netiquette A set of rules for how to behave online. 
Phisher Someone who sends a fake email that looks official to try and get personal information from you. 
Plagiarism Copying someone else's work and saying it is your own. 
Spammer Someone who keeps sending emails that you don't want and are not interested in, usually to sell you something or to get you to join an online group. 
Troll Someone who repeatedly flames others and tries to stir up trouble. 
XP Experience points, or XP, are used to measure a player character's progression through the game. XP are awarded for the completion of challenges, missions and overcoming obstacles. When the player character earns a certain number of XP they level up in the game. 
Yelling Writing in all uppercase letters. 
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