Mission #4

It's time to tackle the final mission.

You've learned everything you need to know about being a super digital citizen; someone who's safe, responsible, and respectful online. Now's its time to share the goods.

On this, your final mission you'll create a Google Presentation to showcase what you've learned.  You will include the artifacts you've created on your missions; your comic strip, Superhero Planning document, and your very own Superhero. You have the power to teacher others what it means to act responsibly and to treat others with respect online.  It's time to strut your stuff.

You'll have the opportunity to earn 140XP plus 10XP for the bonus. The magic number is 350XP to level up to Super Digital Citizen. Go for it !!

Listen to the Mission 4 podcast here:

What's next??

When you complete all four missions you'll be recognized in your school as a Super Digital Citizen!

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Complete this mission to earn up to 140 XP. 

1. Create a Google Presentation that demonstrates your understanding and expertise of a Super Digital Citizen.

Include in your presentation:

20 XP   An introductory slide titled Super Digital Citizens, with your name, the date, and DC Tech Challenge on it.

30 XP  A warning poster (slide) for one or more digital riff-raff. Describe the breaches of netiquette they are wanted for.  See a sample poster.

30 XP   A slide displaying the image of your comic and a descriptive narrative explaining the comic strip to your audience. Include the who, what, where, when and why.

30 XP   A slide displaying your superhero digital citizen. Use your ideas from your planning doc to tell 

  • what your superhero's name is 
  • who your superhero guards against
  • what special powers your superhero has
  • how your superhero helps digital citizens
    stay safe, act responsibly, and respectfully online
30 XP   A wrap-up poster (slide) to teach other digital citizens how to be safe, responsible and respectful in their  online communities.

10 XP
Bonus - Place the Super Digital Citizen badge on a slide at the end of your presentation

Level Up to Super Digital Citizen = 350 XP total