Mission #3

Imagine creating your very own digital citizen superhero who uses their super power to make the Internet a safe place to explore and learn new things. Your superhero will need to have special powers to  take a stand against flamers, trolls, phisherman, spammers, hackers, plagiarists, digital pirates, and cyberbullys, to name a few

Superheroes call foul when they see it. If someone is being cruel or disrespectful online a superhero can tell them it's wrong, and help them understand why their actions may hurt others. Sometimes when people are online they forget that others can't see their facial expressions or hear the tone of their voice. That makes it difficult to tell they were only joking. So, even when the intent is not to hurt it may be perceived as hurtful  by others online. 

If someone is just being plain rude and nasty a Superhero can coach others to ignore it. If the bully doesn't get a reaction then it's just a waste of their time and they may move on. 

If an online community is being attacked by flamers, trolls, and cyberbullies, a Superhero Digital Citizen may request the attackers be blocked from the community.

Superhero Digital citizens protect honest online citizens. Knowledge is power so, use all you've learned about Netiquette; the rules for how to behave online, to create a digital citizen superhero who rights the wrongs and teaches others how to be safe, respectful, and responsible online.

On this mission you'll plan and develop your very own Superhero Digital Citizen. You can earn up to 120 XP if you complete the 4 challenges! When your total points for all missions; Mission #1, Mission #2, and Mission #3, reaches 250 XP you will level up from Ranger Digital Citizen to General Master Digital Citizen. You are on your way to becoming a Super Digital Citizen... complete this mission and only one more mission remains. 

Listen to the Mission 3 podcast here:


Complete this mission to earn up to 120 XP. 

Read or listen to the paragraphs on the left.

  1. Create a document in your Mission 3 folder in your Google Drive and name it Superhero Planning.
  2. Copy and paste the following questions into your Superhero Planning document. Answer the questions with ideas for creating your Superhero Digital Citizen. 

  • What will my superhero's superpower be? How will my superhero digital citizen help others act safely, responsibly, and respectfully online? 
  • Will your superhero chase down a specific online villain or take on the whole bunch? (Flamers, cyberbullies, trolls, etc.)
  • What is special about the way your superhero acts and thinks; what makes your superhero different? 
  • What will your superhero’s name be?
** BE CREATIVE !! **
3.  Click here to start building your own 
    Superhero Digital Citizen!

4.   When your Superhero is complete, take a screenshot
of your superhero and save it to your 2013tc4-6 folder on your Google drive

XP awarded:

20 XP - following directions

40 XP - filling out your Superhero planning document with ideas for your Superhero; include answers to each of the 4 planning questions.

20 XP - successfully creating your superhero

20 XP - taking a screenshot, saving the image file

20 XP uploading the image to your Mission 3 folder

Level Up to General Master Digital Citizen = 250 XP total

Level Up to General Master Digital Citizen = 250 XP total