Mission #2

Digital Do's and Don'ts
A “digital citizen” is more than just an Internet user. It’s someone who chooses to act in a safe, respectful, and responsible way online. What we do and say online can be powerful. The things we read, see, and hear online can make us feel happy, hurt, excited, angry, or embarrassed. 
A super digital citizen uses their great powers to make the Internet a better place for everyone. They speak out when a cyberbully tries to make others feel bad, and act calmly when someone flames their ideas and thoughts. Super citizens never try to claim someone else's work as their own, which is called plagiarism.
Super digital citizens encourage others to ignore the troll who's trying to create trouble online and they teach others how to stay safe from phishers; people who pretend to be someone else in order to gather personal information such as your password, home address, or your parents' credit card number. 

Digital pirates who download music, movies, or games without the owner's permission, and hackers who steal passwords to impersonate someone else are not good digital citizens. Super digital citizens understand it's important to let an adult know when something harmful or illegal is going on.
On this mission you'll choose a topic and create a comic strip to teach others about the topic. Have your comic characters demonstrate good or bad examples of digital citizenship. 
You have opportunities to earn up to 70 XP. Earn a total of 120 XP from Mission 1 and Mission 2 and you'll level up to
a Ranger Digital Citizen.

Listen to the Mission 2 podcast here:
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Complete this mission to earn 50 XP!

  1. Read, or listen to, the paragraphs on the left.    
  2. Watch this video on BrainPop.
  3. Pick a topic below and create a comic strip, with
    3 or 4 panels, 
    to teach others about Digital Do's
    and Dont's. 
  4. When you finish, take a screenshot of your comic strip. 
  5. Save the image and upload it to your 2013tc4-6 folder on your Google Drive.   



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Level Up to Ranger Digital Citizen = 120 XP total