Mission #1

What does it mean to be a digital citizen?
Listen to the Mission 1 podcast:

When we use the Internet we are part of an online community. A good citizen helps keep their community safe and healthy by treating others online with respect and acting responsibly.

Think about some ways that people act safe, responsible, and respectful when they are out in their own community; at the store, the post office, the bank, and even at school. Do you know a good citizen when you see one?

How about when people are online? What are some ways to be safe about what we say and share, to be responsible for our own actions, and respectful of others? One thing is for sure, Super Digital Citizens don't use their powers to bully or write things that may make others feel hurt or sad.

On this mission you'll learn about 'Netiquette' - rules for how to behave online.  Digital Citizens use good netiquette when they interact with others online to create a safe, responsible, and respectful community. 

You will have opportunities to earn experience points (XP) for what you do and what you know. When you reach
50 XP you will level up from a Novice Digital Citizen to a Cadet
 Digital Citizen

Complete Mission #1 and earn up to 70 XP!
  1. Read or listen to the paragraphs on the left.
  2. Watch a video on BrainPop about Netiquette, a set of rules for how to behave online.
  3. After watching the video take the
    Quiz at the bottom of the the BrainPop page. Select the Classic quiz. 
  4. Email your quiz score to <enter email address> to earn 20 XP. 

Each correct answer is worth 5 XP. Be a PowerThinker!!

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    Level Up to Cadet Digital Citizen = 50 XP