What is ALiS?

The Agency of Education's Online 
Database and Communication Tool

What can I do with ALiS?
Once you have registered in ALiS, you will be able to do the following:
  • View and print your License or HQT information
  • Renew your license, apply for a retired educator's license, reinstate a license, add an endorsement through transcript review or update your Criminal Record Check information.
  • Update contact information with the Agency of Education
  • Submit Professional Development Activity Forms to your LSB

Do I need to register for ALiS?
Yes!  Starting in 2016, the state will only be renewing licenses through this online system.  Paper renewals will not be mailed.  The only way that your LSB and the AOE will be able to contact you will be through ALiS.  Registering right now is important.

How do I register?
Please watch this video TUTORIAL

1.  Please go to the AOE's ALiS Website and click "Register Here". 
2.  Enter your Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth.  The database will find you if you are a licensed educator with a current or past Vermont Educator's License.
3.  Choose your login and password as directed.  Be sure to write them down or use a combination that you are familiar with.  If you forget this information in the future, click the Forgot Login/Password button on the initial User Login Screen.
4.  Select "Update Profile" from the "What Do You Want To Do?" menu.
5.  Fill in the Personal Information and Contact Information.
6.  VERY IMPORTANT!!  Fill in the Employment Details for your current position.  This will allow your LSB to "find" you in the system and view any of the Professional Learning Activities that you submit for review.   
7.  Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

How do I update my employment details?
Please watch this video TUTORIAL.

I've completed a professional development activity.  How do I submit it to the LSB through ALiS?
Please watch this video TUTORIAL.
1.  Log in to the ALiS system using the website posted below or embedded above.
2.  Click "PL Activity" from the "What Do You Want To Do?" menu.
3.  Click "Add PL Activity".
4.  Fill in the information requested.
5.  Click "Save".
6.  Upload the required documentation (this can be a scanned file of your certificate or transcript) by selecting this option from the pull down menu.
7.  Click "Save".
8.  Click "Submit to LSB".

If you have further questions about the ALiS system, please contact your building representative.  
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2 to 3 minute videos from the AOE that help you to complete many tasks using the ALiS System.  Sep 15, 2015, 1:12 PM Robert Myers
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This document from the AOE will help you to register. It has pictures of many of the screens and menus.  206k v. 1 Sep 8, 2014, 11:36 AM Robert Myers