Criminal Record Check?

Starting with renewals for June 2018, all criminal record checks must be run through the Vermont AOE, not your school district. 

Previously, educators would fill out a form to allow RNESU to release the report run when those 
educators became teachers in our district. Now, the AOE wants to have ...

Who needs a CRC?
-If the AOE does not have a report date on file. (You will be notified via email in December if this applies to you.)
-All initial licenses.
-All reinstating licenses. (Don't let your license lapse!)
-If you have had a break in service since your last report date, you must have a new CRC done. (You will be notified after your renewal application is processed if this is an issue.)

What is the process?
-An email from the AOE in December will alert you at your email address in ALIS if you do not have a CRC report date on file with them. 
-When you open your renewal application in ALIS, a "You Do Not Have a Report Date on File" warning will show up. You will be prompted to complete a Request for Criminal Record Check within ALIS. 
-Access the Request for Criminal Record Check form online (ALIS).  You will pay $13.25 fee to VCIC (in ALIS) as part of that request.
-Print out the VCIC Fingerprint Authorization Certificate (FAC) that is provided after you pay your fee.
-Go to the local police station with that form and have your fingerprints done.  You will pay a $25 (or greater) fee at the police station.
-The fingerprints will be electronically transferred to VCIC and VCIC will report to the AOE.  
-This entire process may take some time, so get started as soon after your renewal application is done as possible.

Hints and Tips:
-Update your preferred email address in ALIS
-Update your employment history all the way back to your first teaching job.