Need to Relicense?

    Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union
    Licensing and Standards Board

What is the Licensing and Standards Board (the LSB)?
The LSB is a committee of representatives from each school in our district that oversees the relicensing of educators in our district.   
What do we do?
As a board of fellow educators in your district, we assist you in relicensing with the State of Vermont.  In doing so, we approve the professional development that you submit to us as usable toward your relicensing requirements.  We also approve your licensing paperwork and self-assessment verifications for the state.
Who are your building representatives on this committee?
Bob Myers, Barstow, LSB Chair
Sue Alberico & Melanie Parker, Lothrop 
Laura Coro and Chirstine NoonanWhiting, Sudbury, Leicester
Tracey Snow and John Cioffredi Otter Valley
Do I have to attend the LSB meetings in order to relicense?
No, please submit your paperwork to your building representative.  If you are relicensing this year, please plan to attend our relicensing seminar on NOVEMBER 12th in the Otter Valley library.  This seminar will be very informative and will run from 3:30 to 4:30.

When does the LSB meet so I can submit paperwork before the meetings?
Our specific meeting dates for 2018-19 are:
September 17
November 12
February 11
March 11
April 8
May 13 - All license renewals for June 2019 are due to be submitted to the LSB through ALiS by this meeting date.

Where are the forms I need?
At the top of this page you will see headings that go along with your current situation.  Please click on that heading to bring you to the appropriate page.  All of the paperwork you need will be listed at the bottom of that page.

Please let your building representative know if we can answer any of your licensing questions.  Thank you.

Days before your 2019 paperwork is due: