Classroom News

April 2018 - April flew by! It was not as nice as we would have liked in terms of the weather but it didn't stop us from getting more time outside! We pulled out the tricycles, hoola hoops and soccer balls. Also, some of the preschoolers have perfected tree climbing!!

March 2018 - Wow - what a snowy March!! We had fun building snowmen in the field this month! We also resumed gym class with Mr.C and are happy to be learning some new folk dances. Also this month, we have had several guest readers in to share some great books - it is always fun to hear new stories and new voices!

February 2018 - February was so much fun!! Our trips to the ice skating rink were a highlight this month. I am always impressed with how quickly young children are able to manage ice skating! This year the trip was made slightly better because we were able to ride a bus - super exciting!! 

January 2018 - January was busy with construction projects! Our group of preschoolers are great builders - we explored building with a variety of materials including Magna-Tiles, recyclables, hollow blocks and cardboard blocks. The structures several children worked on were both creative and elaborate! 

December 2017 - December was super fun! We finally got to head out sledding on our little hill and this year, there are several more sleds making less waiting time! 
Also this month, we purchased a couple new pieces of furniture and the best part is, of course, the great big boxes that they came in:) We brainstormed together and created a list of possibilities for the box - the children are so imaginative! 
November 2017 - November was all about our unique families! We have been collecting family photos from all of our children and they have started to present these in our large group time (circle time). Each child gets to sit on the presenter's stool and talk about each member of their family. They also talk about a favorite family activity - this has been so much fun! We are learning more and more about each other and enjoying making new connections.

October 2017 - October was warm and wonderful! We were able to enjoy lots of time outside! One of the highlights this month was joining Mrs. Kimball's kindergarten and first grade children for a circle activity and some reading! The preschoolers had to introduce themselves and share their thoughts about their favorite ice cream - talking in a big group can be a hard thing to do but they were amazing! We hope to continue bringing the two groups together! 

September 2017 - September was filled with activity and excitement as we welcomed new children and families into the preschool program. We feel especially blessed to have about half of our group from last year, return for their second year with us (the other half have moved on to kindergarten!). With the addition of specials this year, there was some juggling around of the schedule but I think we have finally figured it out! We have really enjoyed learning new cooperative games with Mr. C!

August 2017 - Katie and I are looking forward to another wonderful year in preschool! We are excited to have seven returning preschoolers and eight new friends join us! We are also very excited about the addition of a bathroom in our preschool room! There have been several renovations to the building this summer but the bathroom is our favorite (this means a whole lot less running up and down the stairs for Katie and I)! Please let me know if I can help your child or family with the transition to preschool! 

Making new friends at preschool is the best!