Welcome to the Barstow Physical Education Website!

Technology is a wonderful thing, however it is not a replacement for physical fitness.  Computers and machines have made our lives much easier in many  ways, I do not suggest we return to the “Good Old Days”, yet we do need to be cognizant of  our personal physical abilities.  Let’s not take them for granted or let them waste away due to disuse!  

Fitness is the ability to perform the activities of daily life with energy and still have enough vigor to be involved in the extra curricular endeavors we all enjoy; walking in the woods, skiing, swimming, mountain biking, climbing or just having FUN!

At Barstow School, we achieve success in a wide variety of ways.  In order to integrate the Physical Education Program with other exciting programs, we are constantly revising, adding, deleting and refining skills and objectives being taught to our students.