Welcome to Kindergarten!

Mrs. Peduto
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Upcoming events and dates:

December 13th - Field trip with Otter Valley Buddies to Mrs. Peduto's house to recreate the book The Night Tree.

Dec. 18th - Making Gingerbread Houses with Mrs. Coolidge's 5th grade class

Dec. 19th - Classroom Holiday Party

Dec. 20th - Pajama day for Kindergarten - Polar Express - last day of school before December break.

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Our trip to Hannaford on September 12th.  Enjoy our photos!

Trip to Hannaford.wmv

On Friday, my class took a walk to find our lost bear.  On our travels, the kids met the school nurse, Mrs. Beayon, the guidance counselor, Mr. Greco, the school secretaries, Mrs. Lufkin and Mrs. Solari and finally found our bear in Mrs. Pulsifer's office.  He was there with a special snack!

Bear Walk.wmv

Here are the first pictures of our Forest Friday afternoons.  The children enjoyed exploring the woods and learning the borders of our area.  They are working together to create structures, climb hills, investigate with magnifying glasses and using the safety glasses.

Forest Friday.wmv

Our Otter Valley Buddies came to make some Thanksgiving crafts.  They spent a very busy hour with us!

Thanksgiving Buddies.wmv

On December 13th, my class took a trip to my house with their Otter Valley buddies to reenact the story Night Tree by Eve Bunting.  We made some animal food decorations in the morning - popcorn chains, apple rings and pine cones dipped in shortening and covered in bird seed.  We hung the ornaments on trees to provide the animals a holiday dinner!  We pet the horses, played in the snow and had some hot chocolate. Enjoy the pictures of our trip.

Night Tree.wmv

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Integrated Arts Schedule

Monday - 8:15 -9:00 Art
Tuesday - 8:15-9:00  P.E.
           Wednesday -8:30-9:00  Music
9:30 - 10:00 - Library
12:30 - 1:30 Computer Lab
Thursday - 8:15-9:00 Spanish
Friday -8:15-9:00 - P.E.

Sneakers are needed for P.E.!!

This will bring you to a page of recipes and videos of the children reading the recipes we have been using.  


If you need information about lunch menus, please contact the Abbey Group 

During the year, my class partners with Mrs. Petric's class at Otter Valley.  We met our OV buddies today!  The high school students came to Nesobe to meet us and play some board games, read books and complete puzzles.  Enjoy the pictures of our time together.

Otter Valley Buddies.wmv

Our trip to the Winslow Pumpkin Farm

Winslow Pumpkin Farm.wmv

On October 24th, my class went to Otter Valley to meet with our buddies.  We made witch's hands, pumpkin quesadillas and mini apple crisp.  We went on a scavenger hunt, did some pumpkin bowling, pin the bow tie on the skeleton.  We also made masks and played tic tac toe.  

October 24 at Otter Valley.wmv

On November 29th, my class went to Otter Valley to meet with our buddies.  We listened to winter stories, wrote stories on a snowman, played bingo, played memory, pinned the carrot nose on the snowman AND had to practice an Otter Valley evacuation because of a fire drill!!!  Very exciting!  Here are some pictures of our time at OV.

OV Nov 29.wmv