Concert week!!! Bad weather predicted for Tuesday. If school/concert is cancelled, we will have the concert on Thursday. This is reserved as a snow date with Mr. Keith, so there shouldn't be any conflicts. Jazz schedule is as follows: IF the concert is Tuesday, Jazz Band Monday and Tuesday, Jazz Singers Friday. IF the concert is Thursday, Jazz Band Monday and Thursday, Jazz Singers Wednesday. Either way, Jazz Band ON STAGE Monday morning. See ya there!

Jazz Band! By default, if there is a two-hour delay, there is NO Jazz Band. That said, check both FB and my classroom page just to make sure.

Instrumental fingering charts! Must be logged in to your rnesu login.

SENIOR CHORALE AND JAZZ SINGERS PRACTICE TRACKS!! To click and play, login to your school Google account and click HERE.

DO YOU WANT TO PERFORM WITH HIGH SCHOOL BAND OR SENIOR CHORALE, BUT CAN'T SCHEDULE THE CLASS?  We have a way for music to be part of your life.  Check this out.

WE'RE ON FACEBOOK!!!  Check out our group  - OVUHS Music.

Would you like to help?  We have an amazing music boosters organization called FOVM (Friends of OV Music).  They meet once each month, and help out in a number of ways.  They are always looking for members and folks who might want to help out occasionally.  If you want to help out, send me an email at proberts@rnesu.org.
Thanks for your valued support!
Pat Roberts