Parent Information for your Child's Language Class

Spanish classes at OV are taught using the TPRS/TCI model/philosophy.  Here are the terms defined:

TPRS- Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling

TCI- Teaching with Comprehensible Input

Essentially TPRS can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Introduction of Target Phrases- Typically, 3 target vocabulary structures are introduced every few days.  First, meaning is established. Then we work with the structures by doing gestures, drawing and asking/answering Personalized Questions until the structures are clear and comfortable.

  2. Storytelling- We will then create and tell a story entirely in Spanish in which the target phrases are used multiple times. The story scripts come from many sources including various published TPRS materials, my imagination and your student’s imagination.

  3. Reading- Reading is the number one way in which language is attained and improved in any language.  We will read stories in class together that focus on target phrases.  Many of these stories will be materials written for language learners, while others will be authentic resources written by Spanish speakers for Spanish speakers.

Question:  What about speaking?

Just like a baby or toddler, your student needs lots of time listening to the language before he/she is ready to produce comfortably or fluently.  There will be times when I ask a student to speak about a specific, targeted, topic, using structures that we have learned.  Students will be graded on speaking skills at the end of each chapter and unit, after those structures have been practiced over and over again.  At that point, they will have worked with those phrases so much that Spanish should just ‘fall out of their mouths’, or come somewhat naturally.

Question:  What curriculum do you use?

We will target many of the most frequently used words in the Spanish language in this course.  The targeted phrases come from novels and the curriculum ¡Cuéntame más! published by TPRS Publishing Company.  

Question:  How can I help my child study?

Have your child tell you phrases, sentences and then stories that they have learned in class.  You can ask your child to teach you some Spanish as well!