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There are SO many popular authors who have created their own websites for us to read about their new books, personal interviews they give, and exciting info. about how they have created the characters that appear in their books. Check out their websites and blogs--you may find a new author you are interested in...

Newspapers online--

We have the Rutland Herald
(available only on school computers!)

The Rutland Herald can be accessed: www.rutlandherald.com
top middle right, access "account login"

Here, they are only tracking that someone from school is logging in, so we suggest using your rnesu.org email and password. when you are done reading, make sure to log out!

Burlington Free Press online edition:

(Please see Mrs. Snow for login/password)

USA Today online edition:

(Please see Mrs. Snow for login/password)

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We have received quite a few suggestions and requests from students about what books to include in our Kindles!
Some of the titles currently on are:

"Wonder" by R.J. Palacio
"Hatchet" by G. Paulsen
"City of Bones" trilogy
"Hunger Games" trilogy
"The Fault in Our Stars"
"Lawn Boy"
"The Giver"
"Maze Runner"
"invention of Wings"
"Nisekoi" (graphic novel)
"Return to Paradise"
"Esperanza Rising"
"Rasputin-A Short Life"
"Invention of Wings"
"Tale of Two Cities"

Please come and check out some Kindles. If you have any books you'd like to be added to this list, please let Mrs. Snow know!

Kindles will be available for teacher use in the classroom, and checkout for students on the weekends.

There will be a signout form that parents will need to sign before students check out a device.

Please see Mrs. Snow for more info.!

We are always looking for suggestions from students and staff to add new Kindle books!