The Booster Club was established as a support group to encourage parent participation 

and to raise funds to enhance and expand the Academic, Arts, Social and Athletic 

programs that are available to each individual student at Otter Valley. 

The Booster Club feels strongly that parent involvement during the middle school 

and high school years can be key to the success of our students.

Meeting Dates & Times

The Otter Valley Booster Club 
meets at 7 PM on the second Tuesday of every month 
in the large cafeteria at Otter Valley…please join us!

Contact Info:

Otter Valley Booster Club
2997 Franklin Street
Brandon, VT 05733

(802) 247-6833
(email goes to the President)

Upcoming Events 
& Fundraisers:

Otter Valley is currently working on the creation of a Hall of Fame. If you know of some who fits the criteria, you can nominate them here

The Booster Club has committed to coordinating the Hall of Fame induction dinner. 

We need volunteers to help with the coordination of this fantastic fundraising event.

Join parents and members by 
volunteering to help with the 
2013-14 season Concession Booth.

Get to know you the parents of 
your child's peers, engage, connect, 
make a difference!