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The Gilded Age Unit

Unit Overview “The Gilded Age” 2017

Themes Covered:

  •  What is the Gilded Age? (Why was the age “gilded”?)

  •  The Railroads & Change.

  • “The Frontier is closed” & the Plains Indians (Native Am. Issues)

  •   Political Corruption & Graft

  •   Immigration in the late 19th C.

  • Robber Barons or Entrepreneurs; Unions & Management

Day # 1

     Thursday, November 2, 2017:   

  • Introduction: Comparing Contemporary political cartoons of the 21st C to those of the 19th C.  (Groups analyze & present assigned political cartoons)

Assignment due Monday, 11/06 (Day # 3): Choose ANY of the five (5) topics
Education, Political Corruption, Native Americans, Immigration, Race/Ethnicity.
          Write: Use the Venn diagram completed in class to write a bulleted summary comparing 19th and 21st political cartoons.

DAY # 2

  • Read two (2) short articles: Thomas Nast’s thumbnail biography; and “Honest Graft” (A primary Source) & Write answers to six (6) questions relating to the readings

  • Read “The Tweed Ring” & create a “Story Trail” – Chronologically based - for the battle between Nast-Tweed in cartoon format (“Story Trail” organizer provided)

  • Groups are assigned a Nast cartoon. Groups analyzes and presents the cartoon by describing its POV and how it fits into the “Story Trail”.  

  • Textbook Assignment due Day #5 (11/8):

             Read:   Txtbk (p.520-526) “Politics in the Gilded Age”  
               Write:  Notes (Use your preferred form of note taking)  

                  NOTE: Quiz on textbook material “Gilded Age Politics”- 11/8 (Day#5)   



      See handout for instructions, Create two (2) ORIGINAL political cartoons (your creations)

      Self-created: One cartoon must address any 19th century “Gilded Age” Issue 
                            & and the other any 21St century issue. Your cartoons MUST express a POV.

DAY # 3

  • Finish Nast Cartoon presentations if not completed on Day #2.

  • Immigration Data (p.540, textbook) – In Groups – Analyze data; Find patterns and/or abrupt changes – analyze & create a graph or chart using the data to express your conclusions. Use information from the textbook or other sources to confirm your conclusions. Present conclusions in graph/chart tomorrow.  

  • View “Immigrant Experience”. The film will help complete the chart – what do immigrants anticipate and what do they actually find on arrival? (push-pull-reality)

  • Assignment due Day #5, 11/8);    Read textbook p.527-533 “People on the Move..."                                                           Write: Notes (Use your preferred form of note taking)

                     NOTE: Quiz on textbook material “People on the Move”- 11/8 (Day#5)   

DAY # 4

  • Present conclusions about immigration data using group’s chart or graph.

  • Continue watching film “Immigrant Experience”: What do immigrants anticipate or expect to find and what do they discover? (Push-Pull-Reality)

  • Assignment: Due Thursday, 11/9 (Day # 6)

                               Read textbook p.491-497; “Conflict with Native Americans”

                               Write: Notes (Use your preferred form of note taking) 

DAY # 5

  • Review Textbook assignment “Politics in Gilded…”“People on the Move”.

  • Quiz TODAY – Textbook reading - “Politics in …” & “People…”

  • Complete a map of Native America – late 19th century & use map to answer 10Q’s

  • Assignment due Day #7, 11/13):                              Read “The Massacre at Wounded Knee..."                                                                                       Write answers to 16 questions

  • Advanced Students ONLY:  Assignment (due Day #7, 11/13):

  •                                                             Read:“Makers of America – The Plains Indians"

  •                                                             Write: 12Q’s that follow reading

 DAY # 6     


  • View a First segment of “Dances with Wolves”, answer & discuss                          focusing questions regarding “the frontier”.

  • Review textbook assignment- “Conflict with…”

  • Use/read- Primary Source Materials – Determine various points of view               (POV) regarding events at Sand Creek, CO.

  • Writing Assignment: Peer review date: Day # 11 (11/17), final copy due Day # 12 (11/20).

  • Write - R.A.F.T. paper concentrating on one of the following three events – Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, or Little Bighorn (See R.A.F.T. instructions for a full description of the assignment.)


NOTE: No classes, 11/10/17 – Veterans Day Observed (In-Service Day for teachers)



 DAY # 7


  • Review & Discuss homework materials regarding Wounded Knee Massacre.

  • Quiz -on Txtbk assignment – “Conflict with Native Americans on the Plains”

  • Students Present Self-generated Political Cartoons for extra credit 

  • View second Segment of “Dances with Wolves”, answer and discuss a set of questions regarding “communication”.


 DAY # 8  

  • View third segment of “Dances with Wolves”, answer and discuss a set of questions concerning “food as a weapon”.


Day # 9

  • View fourth segment of “Dances with Wolves”, answer and discuss conclusion &  “The end of an era”

  • Assignment due day # 10  Read textbook p.467-472; “Growth of Big Business”                                            

  •  Write: Notes (Use your preferred form of note taking) 


Day # 10

 Thursday, 11/16/17                     

  • View “The Iron Road” video , use viewing guide to gather information

  • Textbook Assignments due Tuesday. 11/21.

                      Read: textbook p.473-476, “Industrialization of Workers”

                            Write:  Notes (Use your preferred form of note taking)

             Read textbook p.477-483“The Great Strikes…”

                            Write: Notes (Use your preferred form of note taking)

Day # 11

Friday 11/17/17

  • Ex. Credit Presentations: Self-generated Political Cartoons

  • Entrepreneurs or Robber Barons? (Into to famous 19th C. businessmen-video)

  • Peer review of R.A.F.T. paper- - Be prepared to have your RAFT paper peer reviewed TODAY

  • FINAL Copy of R.A.F.T paper due Monday, 11/2

  • Day #12
    • Monday 11/20/17

    • Listen, Study & Examine Ballads of the Age

    • American business structure – How to raise money for your company?

    • Philosophy of 19th C. Industrialists & Labor Leaders–  Read/Discuss/Write Q’s

    • Review for Unit Test   


    Day # 13 Unit – Summative Assessment (Tuesday 11/21)

                     Unit test (Gilded Age Summative Assessment)