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Progressive Era

Calendar – The Progressive Era (January -2018)


1.   Tuesday: 1/2/18 Intro to Progressive Era using literature & primary sources

·         Read one paragraph from TR’s autobiography. In groups create a bulleted summary outlining the major domestic issues of the nation according to TR.

·         Read in class the introductory article entitled, “Muckraking and the Jungle” & excerpts from Upton Sinclair’s novel, The Jungle. Using six (6) identified problems, each group investigates one (1) of the problems & reports the problem’s details to the class.


HOMEWORK: Due Wednesday, 1/3/18

·         Read Textbook p 614-619 “Origins of Progressivism.

·         Write & summarize chapter with personal notes. Be prepared to use those notes in class tomorrow. Notes will be collected on Wednesday, 1/3/2018.




2.  Wednesday, 1/3/18Progressive Reforms  

·         Using students’ homework notes (p.614-619) groups work together to complete a chart entitled “Origins of American Progressivism”. This skill helps students master dense text by summarizing & organizing its content.

·         In class writing assignment: All students use computers to write a short response to a focusing question:

Why and how did Progressive ideas become a major force in the early 20thC? 


                      HOMEWORK:   Due Thursday, 1/4/18

·         Read -“Fighting the Fat Cats” (handout)

·         Write: Main Ideas & Supporting Details using form provided.



3.  Thursday, 1/4/18Progressivism and Corruption.

·         Use “Fat Cats…” homework; Groups generate 8 questions using a provided format. Groups exchange and answer each other’s questions

·         Assign and prepare to analyze political cartoons from the TR era.


HOMEWORK:  Due Friday, 1/5/18

·         Read:   Textbook p. 621-627 

·         Write:  Use the textbook (p.621-27) to complete the “Progressive Era (Problems and Remedies)”chart.



4.  Friday 1/5/18 - Theodore Roosevelt as a Progressive

·         Review homework, “Progressive Era (Problems and Remedies)”

·         Groups present assigned TR “Progressive Cartoons”


HOMEWORK:  Due Monday 1/8/18

·         Read: Textbook, Suffrage movement p. 635-639.

·         Take notes using “Guided Reading” format.


5. Monday, 1/8/18Women of the Progressive Era

·         Review “ Guided Reading” for the Women’s Suffrage Movement

·         Groups: Read & share information about two (2) women of the era, & outline their achievements (format provide)

·         Review for unit test   

HOMEWORK: Study for test tomorrow- on 1/9/18


6. Tuesday, 1/9/18 - Assess Unit

·               Unit Assessment (Progressives Era Test)