World War I and Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms

Teachers: Messieurs Dwyer and Petrics

American Studies



Literature Assignments: Read: A Farewell to Arms (AFTA) (Book # 1 – due 1/23/18)



                                           Write: All AFTA study guides due @ end of unit – 1/31/18.


History Assignments:  ALL textbook assignments due Mon. 1/29/18 (Test review day)    

                                                 ALL STUDENTS- Textbook assignment (Incl. advance students)

                                                               Read: p. 646-651;   Required- Cornell two column note method

                                              Read: p. 653-656;   Required- Cornell two column note method

                                              Read: p. 657-663;   Required- Cornell two column note method

                                             ADV. AM. ST. STUDENTS ONLY-

                                              Read:  p. 664-668   Answer Q 1-4 (p.668)

                                              Read: p. 669-673   Answer Q 2, 5, 6 (p.673)

                                               Complete AFTA Study Guide, Books 2-5 due 1/30/2018

  DAY # 1                                 

Thurs. (1/11/18)     Intro to WW I & Opposing American Viewpoints before US enters the war, and how these POVs apply                                     today with the expansion of NATO in the 21st century


 Day # 2 (1/12/18)   Mapping Europe and America before/during/after WW I (geo-political effect)

                                     (Complete all maps by Monday, 1/29/18 (Test review day)                                                                  


 Day # 3 (1/16/18)   Video: Arming of the Earth (Use “Info Gathering & Analysis” format provided)


 Day # 4 (1/17/18)    Mid-term exam review


 Day # 5 (1/23/18)   An introduction to Ernest Hemingway


 Day # 6 (1/24/18)   Discussion of Book 1 AFTA


 Day # 7 (1/25/18)   WW I Propaganda; League of Nations

                                Poetry and Music from the World War I era


 Day # 8 (1/26/18)   Discussion and reading of selections from AFTA.


 Day # 9 (1/29/18)   Review textbook Assignments; preparing a study guide for Unit Test

                                  History textbook notes are all due TODAY


 Day # 10 (1/30/18) WW I History & AFTA Assessment-Unit Test

                                    AFTA Study guides are all due TODAY