Intro Unit - American Studies, Fall 2017 - Assignments & Lessons Calendar

Wed. 30, Aug.            Intro: Teachers & Students & Intro to Group History Project 


Thur. 31, Aug.            Group History Project – Work Day


Fri. 1,     Sept.            Group History Project Presentations & 1st Art Project Instructions                                            


Tues. 5, Sept.             Library Research & Prep – Art Project #1


Wed. 6, Sept.             Art Project Presentations


Thur. 7, Sept.             Art Project Presentations

                                   Assignment: ADVANCED GROUP READING 

                                          Due: Monday 9/25   Read - Catcher in the Rye


Fri. 8, Sept.                Art Project Assessment (Quiz)

                                   Assignment: Intro to Architecture Project #1 (Neo- Classical)

                                         Due: Monday 9/11, architectural images for poster creation 


Mon. 11, Sept.           Create architecture posters using student gathered images & present architecture posters

                                   Assignment: Read E. A. Poe “The House of Usher”

                                          Due: Wednesday, 9/13


Tues. 12, Sept.             Concept Attainment Lesson (Romantic & Neo- Classical)

                                    Poetry of William Cullen Bryant


Wed. 13, Sept.              Reading Assignment discussion – E.A. Poe & other Poe selections

                                     Assignment: Read W. Irving’s “The Devil and Tom Walker”

                                           Due: Friday, 9/15


Thur. 14, Sept.             Romantic Literature discussion continues; Hawthorne, Longfellow

                                    Assignment: Intro & Instructions for Arch.  Project #2 (Romantic)

                                            Due: Monday 9/18


Fri. 15,   Sept.             Use Reading Assignment for in-class activity – Irving’s “The Devil & Tom Walker”

                                    Assignment: Vocab Lesson # 1

                                             Due: Wednesday 9/21


Mon. 18, Sept.            Create architecture posters for Arch. Project #2 & present posters

                                    Instructions for 2nd Art project: Hudson River School


Tues 19, Sept.             Library Research & Prep – Hudson River School (Art project # 2)


Wed. 20, Sept.            Art Project Presentations

                                   Vocab Lesson # 1 review and Quiz


Thur. 21, Sept.            Art Project Presentations

                                    Assignment: Read- Henry David Thoreau – selected readings

                                             Due: Friday 9/22


Fri, 22, Sept.               H.D. Thoreau Day –

                                   Assignment: H.D. Thoreau – Aphorism Posters

                                             Due: Tuesday 9/26


Mon. 25, Sept.          Class Divides for separate discussions and tasks

                                       Advanced Am Studies group discussion: Catcher in the Rye

                                       Regular Am. Studies group discussion: “It’s a Wonderful Life”

                                  Assignment: Writing - See separate instructions

                                           Due: Draft - Tuesday 9/26

                                                    Final Copy - Wednesday 9/27


Tues. 26, Sept.          Present Aphorism Posters

                                  Peer Review – All Writing Assignments that are due 9/27

                                  Review for Romanticism Unit Test


Wed. 27, Sept.           Unit Test





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