Political Cartoons- Helpful hints when analyzing political cartoons.

Recall: Before you determine a cartoon's meaning  identify the objects and people in the cartoon that are symbolic or important to its meaning; Recognize the actions taking place (e.g. Pointing, knelling or similar actions that express meaning); Be sure to determine the issue addressed; then express the cartoonist's point of view on the issue at hand.  
Political Cartoons:  How they are used.
  • Political cartoons are viewed as both humorous and serious at the same time

  • Political cartoons are prime users of satire (Folly, & vice are held to scorn & ridicule)

  • Political cartoons use both fictional and non-fictional elements

  • Political cartoons use subversive or radical mediums & ideas to critique the mainstream

  • Political cartoons are usually a safer way to criticize the powerful (You can get away with more in a cartoon than in the written word)

  • Political cartoons provide a forum for visual protest (Visuals use less space to convey complex ideas)

  • Political cartoons present multiple perspectives on pertinent issues of the day

  • Political cartoons use both representational and abstract visual language to create their opinionated messages