Welcome to American Studies: 2017-2018

Teachers: Michael Dwyer & William Petrics

Dear American Studies Students and Parents: 

Welcome to Otter Valley’s American Studies program, now in its thirty-second year! This course combines American literature and culture with United States history, geography, and economics for a better understanding of America’s place in our world.  Both of us teach the course every day, all year, and students receive one credit each in both English and Social Studies. As a teaching team, we combine our individual strengths to generate a college prep course that concentrates on student centered learning and achievement in both the language arts and the social studies. To meet our high expectations, students are required to invest time outside of class to complete independent assignments and other preparatory tasks. We do our best to provide students with sufficient time and advanced notice to complete long-range assignments; however, we do ask our students’ cooperation in managing their time by not waiting until the last minute to complete these long range tasks.


In-class activities are not easily duplicated and are designed to practice and master many of the academic skills deemed vital for success. Therefore, attendance is crucial to master these vital skills. Please see us before any planned absences. Your cooperation is appreciated by giving us as much lead time as possible when these planned absences are scheduled. When a student is absent, we will place any new materials in the student’s personal in-class folder.


Please peruse the outline of the course. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact information is found below. Over the course of the year both of us will come to know our students equally. Feel free to contact either of us to discuss academic progress. We maintain a single grade program for the course, therefore, you many consult with either of us for any assessment or assignment. Report cards are sent home every 6 weeks, and access to students’ grade book via PowerSchool is available on line. We are excited about the beginning of class this year and look forward to working with parents and students toward a successful school year. 






Michael F. Dwyer,                                    C. William Petrics,

Language Arts Department                     Social Studies Department                                                                                  Department Leader                                  Department Leader

Phone: 247-6833 Ext. 269                        Phone: 247-6833 Ext. 266

Email: mdwyer@rnesu.org                     Email: wpetrics@rnesu.org


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