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Check your child routinely for head lice

Head lice have become more and more of a problem over the last few years. The number of children infested with head lice is increasing all across the country. Control of head lice depends on prompt diagnosis and effective treatment. Because this can be a problem no matter what the season, your help in inspecting your child at least weekly or every two weeks throughout the school year for the presence of head lice would be to everyone's benefit. 

We suggest the following procedure for inspecting your child for head lice:

·         Under bright light begin looking at the back of the head just above the neck area and behind the ears.

·         Part the hair section by section and look closely for head lice or nits (eggs). Eggs will usually be located near the scalp.

Natural based products that do not contain prescription strength pesticides may help repel lice from your child’s hair and have been recommended by many parents.  Some include:

Fairy Tales- http://www.fairytaleshaircare.com

Lice Shield-   http://liceshield.net

And for more info on head lice prevention go to http://www.licepreventionnews.com/http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/http://healthvermont.gov/prevent/lice/headlice.aspx

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