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posted Sep 1, 2015, 10:12 AM by John Brodowski
A new year is upon us here in the Neshobe Art room. This year we will continue with choice-based art in grades 4-6 and make a few small adjustments based on our experiences last year. In fact, most fifth and sixth graders completed a survey on their experience in choice-based art at the end of last year. They gave some great feedback including the response from 78 out of 82 students that they preferred choice-based art (the remaining 4 were "not sure") as well as some great suggestions like the ones listed below:

“Go outside your comfort zone and try something new.”

“Go crazy! Do whatever you want to do! Express yourself and enjoy what you do! Think way outside the box and make something unique!”

“You should try different things instead of things that you know.”

“Take your time to finish your project and don’t rush.”

“Do what you love and enjoy it, don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun”

“Find what you like to in Art and do it. Don’t waste your time doing something that isn’t fun to you.”

“Focus on one thing at a time.”

“Listen to directions very well because if you don’t you might not be able to do what you wanted to do.”

“Do what you want to do to come up with brand new ideas”

“You should try every center because you can use everything together.”

“Be creative and imaginative, and just start on a wacky design that will turn into a masterpiece!”

“Don’t start something too BIG unless you know you’ll finish it.”

“Do what your mind tells you to. Go with the flow and put emotion into your work.”

“Use your time wisely. There is so much you can do.”

“Think creatively.”

“Try each center and find something you really like to do. You should also be REALLY creative and not afraid to think outside the box.”

“You should try all the things before you say you don’t like it.”

“Express yourself through your art.”

“Try to stay on task because it will help get your work done faster.”

“If you have a project idea, do it while you can. The end of the year comes quicker than you can imagine!”

“Be creative and don’t worry about what other people think of your artwork.”