Mrs. Schwaner's Page

Welcome to my bio page! On this page you will have the opportunity to learn a bit about me and the things that I enjoy doing at Whiting Elementary School.

Hello! My name is Lacey Schwaner. I am the third and fourth grade teacher at Whiting Elementary School. I have had the great opportunity to teach in Whiting for seven years. 
In addition to teaching at Whiting Elementary School, I also coach an after school 3rd-6th grade wellness and running group through the organization Girls on the Run. Please navigate through the links to the left to explore the fun and exciting happenings in our 3-4 classroom!

Class Norms/Expectations
 (student created)
I will help my classmates learn by:
  1. being quiet during work time
  2. not distracting others with noises or movements
  3. raising my hand and not shouting out
  4. giving everyone enough think time
  5. being nice
  6. filling people’s buckets with kind words and actions
  7. sharing
  8. helping students and teachers
  9. listening when others are speaking
  10. doing my own thinking
  11. helping clean up the classroom
  12. being safe with my words and my body
By following these class norms, I will also help myself to be a better learner.
...and signed by all of Mrs. Schwaner's Grade 3-4


     We created a story as a class on December 5 as a birthday present for Ms. Zauli, the K-1 teacher. We broke down our story into five scenes. The class offered many suggestions and we worked as a team to pick the suggestions that helped the story evolve. 
     The first scene introduces our main character and the setting. The second scene introduces a conflict. The third scene shows an increased challenge. The fourth scene is the climax and the fifth scene is the resolution of our story. Please click on the black screen below to view the final publication of our story.