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Portfolio Ideas


Try creating a PREZI.  Check out some of these random examples to see the possibilities. MEAL Paragraph PreziPersonal Narrative Prezi, and the Genre Prezi.  Just click on the following website and you can start creating your own: Create a Prezi
You can create a website from scratch with your portfolio as the focus.  Click on this to create your own website: Create a Website

Try creating a Powerpoint or a slideshow using iPhoto.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless.  Of course, you could keep your portfolio in your binder and call it a day.  I promise not to judge. 

Kahoot it!!

posted 14 Aug 2016, 14:45 by Michelle Gillette

Have you heard of Kahoot?!  Want to impress a teacher and your classmates?!  Want to use your device in class?!  Try creating a Kahoot.  Why not use it for a survey or for a final review before the test?  Set the timer to make it really easy  or really challenging for your classmates.  
Start by creating a free student account here.  

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