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Advisory, 2016

Ms. Gillette's Advisory:  GILLETTE FUSION, 2016!

Advisory- Gillette Fusion, 2016

Welcome back to a new school year, Gillette Fusion! 

Below you can find an array of resources to help you in your PLP planning- personality tests, career quizzes, college preparation planning and much, much more.  

I will be updating this page with events and important documents as they arise throughout the school year, so be sure to check back from time to time!

For now, check out these links:


posted 14 Aug 2016, 15:04 by Michelle Gillette   [ updated 14 Aug 2016, 16:47 ]

OV Community Service Day, 2016

Thanks to the entire OV faculty, staff and student body for an amazing first-ever community service day.  I know our community was touched.  
Here are some photos of Gillette Fusion at the Rutland County Parent Child Center in Brandon.  Go Gillette Fusion!

Using a portfolio

posted 14 Aug 2016, 14:46 by Michelle Gillette

A portfolio is a great way to show off who you are as a student.  
Below, you'll find some important documents as you set up your portfolio.  Feel free to print out these documents in order to complete your portfolio requirements.

 # Portfolio Checklist
 1 Schedule a date with a parent, guardian, mentor, etc.
 2 Write letter to guest (use the format to help you)
 3 Find a portfolio piece from math, science, and humanities
 4 Complete a Portfolio Entry Slip for each subject
 5 Find a portfolio entry piece from technology and enrichment
 6Complete a Portfolio Entry Slip for each of these
 7 Review and answer some of the Habits of Mind questions
 8 Complete Portfolio Review Prompts
 9 Complete Portfolio Review Reflection
 10 Write thank you letter to your guest

Organizing paperwork for college:

posted 14 Aug 2016, 14:36 by Michelle Gillette   [ updated 14 Aug 2016, 14:38 ]

Use this page to organize your college or trade school material and process.  Each of the items below will most likely need to be completed even if you plan on going to trade school.  Please be aware that a few of these are ongoing.  Therefore, please plan ahead by creating space in your schedule for these important activities.  

Brag Sheet
Test Preps
College Research
College Speaker Series
College Board Account
College Tours
Personal Statement
Letters of Recommendation

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