Meet the Teacher

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Vermont. When I was in second grade, I decide that I wanted to become a teacher and since that day I have never wanted to be anything else. While I attended Otter Valley Union High School, I returned to Neshobe Elementary School each day during my senior year to volunteer in what was my second grade classroom, the same room in which I decided I wanted to be a teacher. After graduating from Otter Valley, I continued my education at Castleton State College where I received my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I later received a master's degree in Reading from the College of St. Joseph.

I began my teaching career as a kindergarten teacher here at Barstow Memorial School. I spent my first four years at Barstow teaching kindergarten, I then switched to teaching third grade for seven years. This will be my first year teaching second grade and I am so excited to start this new adventure! 

My life outside of school consists mainly of spending time with my family and friends. My husband, Jamie, and I have two sons Camden and Carter. They will turn 6 years old and 4 years old in December of this school year. Camden will be starting kindergarten this year! I enjoy spending as much time with them as possible! 

I believe in fostering a safe, caring, community in my classroom for each learner. I value the philosophy of Responsive Classroom, and use the elements of Responsive Classroom to help promote the sense of community in my classroom. I am truly blessed to have a "job" that I love, and each day I love coming to school. Thank you to all of the parents who                                                                        provide me with the opportunity to work with their children each day!